Pipe Line Work

Our company is widely acclaimed as one of the most preferred service provider of M. S. & S. S. Pipe Line Work. These projects are executing by making use of superior quality material and the most advanced technology. Being high on quality, these pipes are long lasting and have a high heat bearing capability.

  • Solar Heat Pipe System

    Are you looking for the best solar water pipe system? If yes, then there could not be a better place than this. We are an established name known for manufacturing the best solar products and Solar heat pipe system is one of them. Here, we will discuss the solar heat pipe systems and their workings. You can feel free to contact us anytime to buy the cost -effective solar heat pipe systems.

    Solar products are more beneficial than your imagination in plenty number of ways. Now, most of the residents and even giant industries are installing solar products to protect the environment and reduce the monthly extravagant bills. Solar heat pipe system is a wonderful product that has numerous benefits to offer.

  • Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater Manufacturers –

    Heat Pipe Technology has been in use Europe and is more efficient in areas where diffuse radiations are more as compared to direct radiations climates.

  • Working Principle

    The selective coating on copper absorber absorbs the heat energy from solar radiation. The liquid in copper tubes gets heated. the liquid rises in the tube and gives the energy to the manifold. Thus heating the water in the tank.

    Heat Pipe Technology is best for industrial use for temp. application up to 90 C and for Air conditioning application.

  • Characteristics

    This type of Solar Water Heater can work at high pressure.

    It uses the heat pipe to deliver the heat energy.

    Because of the no water in a vacuum tube, there is no tube breakage in winter, even in the coldest area.

    Each vacuum tube can work alone, so it can still operate in the event of tube breakage.

  • Demand for solar heat pipe system in India

    The solar heat pipe is the most beneficial for the industries but that does not make them less useful for the residents. Electrical products and instruments have more disadvantages than the advantages. People are now getting aware of the importance of the solar products and as a result, they are implementing the awareness into practice. The demand is hiking with the each passing day and is expected to hike more in the coming years. So if you still stuck on the electronic devices then this is the right time to make a smart move of choosing cost – effective solar heat pipe system.